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We are butchers. We strive to elevate the craft of butchering; to be good representatives of the animals we process and the farmers who raised them; to encourage cooking at home and eating together; and to strengthen the connection between the things we eat and the fields from which they come.

The mission of The Rock Barn is to create food that honestly expresses local flavor, no matter where local may be. From the fresh-smoked hams of Nelson County, VA to the cured Jamón ibérico of southern Spain, we pay homage to pig culture all over the world.

Pigs are delicious. There is perhaps no animal that boasts as rich a culinary tradition as the pig. All over the world, hogs are being transformed into dishes that are synonymous with local flavor.

That's why we work with whole hogs when we make our sausages, bacons, hams, and fresh cuts. We think it shows respect. It helps us connect with the living creature we sacrificed in order to enjoy pork tenderloin or deep-fry with lard or grill a bratwurst. Connecting with the animals we eat can be difficult in the American food system, as factory farms, commodity slaughterhouses and plastic-wrapped grocery chains all work to put distance between you, your pork chop, and your pig.

We're trying to help with that. We believe that there exists in the world a meat culture so rich and steeped in tradition that factory labor will never be able to mass-produce it.

Above all, we believe that food is fundamentally important, and worth defending.